LPG Central Gas Contracting

LPG central gas systems are efficient with high volume gas supply enabled by on-site gas storage in cylinders. Abbas Gas is a reliable contractor with a large LPG supply network across Dubai, ensuring uninterrupted gas delivery. We accomplish the process through detailed feasibility studies, designing, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning to set-up an operational central gas system. We are experts in building central gas systems for varied clients across residential areas, commercial buildings, factories, and industrial units.

Abbas Gas’s strict compliance with all the prescribed safety standards has enabled us to be an approved gas cylinder supplier by the Dubai Civil Defense authority. With ultimate care for your budget, we set-up LPG central gas systems at highly economical rates. However, we ensure an uncompromised quality level by using high-quality premium materials, accessories, and safety equipment. The LPG network is also fitted with cutting-edge control systems to ensure monitored and regulated gas distribution. For more details on our contracting service, give us a call today!

Our Service Inclusions


Central Gas System Installation

We prominently consider all the location-specific features and the clients’ various requirements to efficiently provide our gas installation service. Abbas Gas offers both above the ground and underground LPG tanks installation connected with strategic pipelines and instrumentation.



The LPG central gas system is secured with tensile pipes networks and high-performing pressure regulators to control the source’s flow. The receiving points are fixed with outlet points to monitor the flowrate.


24/7 Emergency Call Response

Our qualified technicians are readily available to assist you with quick queries or any emergency related to the LPG gas system. With round the clock service, we allow customers to rely on us at any given time.


Gas System Training

Our expert technicians also provide clear training to the clients to ensure proper usage. It covers every basic and advanced level instructions to follow during a gas system breakdown or any leakage.


Project Management

We are experts in ensuring the completion of all our projects with sheer perfection in all its phases. Our technicians are highly experienced in effectively handling various situations for smooth and timely management of the projects.


Benefits of LPG Central Gas System

LPG central networks are highly useful for places requiring a higher gas supply. It helps ensure uninterrupted gas supply in a highly regulated manner through pipelines connected to the central gas storage located at a specified distance from the properties. It is also suitable for varied spaces to install gas tanks above or below the ground. Below we’ve outlined a few other benefits offered:

  • Increase safety
  • Improved Working Environment
  • Improved Economy
  • Required by Authorities
  • Enhanced adjustability of gas parameters