LPG Gas Cylinder Dubai

Looking for a reliable cooking gas supplier in Dubai? Abbas Gas offers efficient delivery of gas cylinders across various sizes, from a larger 44kg LPG cylinder to a smaller 5.5kg gas bottle. With our quick delivery available every day, including weekends, Abbas Gas has been established as a reliable LPG cylinder provider in Dubai. Our qualified technicians provide professional services right from the complete installation to an inspection of your LPG cylinders. As we much care for your safety, our professionals will also guide you over cylinder maintenance for energy-efficient usage.

With our dedicated and customer-centric approach, we ensure the prompt and safe delivery of gas cylinders to your doorstep. When you choose our LPG gs delivery service, you benefit from free delivery in addition to our favorable competitive prices in the market. As the leading supplier, we take pride in offering LPG cylinders suitable for domestic and industrial purposes. Whether you seek a 5.5 kg, 11 kg, 22 kg, or 44 kg, our comprehensive range caters to every need and budget. For more information on our range visit our website or reach out to our team of experts.

Our Selection of Gas Cylinders

5,5 kg

5.5kg Cylinder

We offer a certified quality 5.5kg LPG cylinder capable of providing sufficient energy supply for domestic and commercial purposes in the UAE.

11 kg

11kg Cylinder

Sealed with high leakproof technology for uncompromised safety, we also provide a moderate-sized 11kg LPG gas bottle in Dubai used across various residential and other institutions.

22 kg

22kg Cylinder

The gas cylinders’ sizes vary to supply uninterrupted energy supply for a considerable time. A 22kg gas cylinder in Dubai should be sufficient for a family of four.

44 kg

44kg Cylinder

Ideal for higher industrial requirements, our bulkier 44kg LPG cylinder is priced at highly reasonable rates for offering budget-friendly gas bottles to our customers in Dubai.

Benefits of LPG Gas Cylinders

Available at highly affordable prices, LPG gas bottles in Dubai are an efficient and economical alternative of the heat source. With their comparatively simpler structure and process, they are mainly low on maintenance. The adequate combustion and easy heat control of LPG gas help maintain a lower temperature in the surrounding. Here are some clear advantages of LPG gas cylinders:

  • Easy and convenient to use and transport.
  • High calorific produces adequate heat energy at a reduced cost.
  • Minimal Sulphur content releasing less smoke or soot on burning.
  • Environment-friendly with no emission of toxic substances.